CareerTalks for YOUth

CareerTalks is a platform that is, aimed to provide our youth with first-hand knowledge of the corporate world, guidance to help them reach their goals, counselling to grow in their career, and some tips and techniques, to not only survive but excel in their field of work. And all that directly from the industry experts and leaders, based on their valued experiences, in their field of expertise. We are providing the youth with a platform, to discuss their queries and address their concerns regarding the corporate world with experts.
As the idea got finalized and approved by our facilitators, we moved towards setting goals and dividing tasks among the group members based on their interests and expertise.

We have made some significant progress on our mega project since our last blog. We have created a YouTube channel and a Facebook page which will be our portfolio for our upcoming works and sessions. Not only that, we have successfully conducted two interview sessions with two distinct guests.
One is Engr. Hammad ur Rehman, a lecturer at NEDUET, has experience in leading teams at Amreli steels and Descon Engineering Limited. He briefed us on, the difference in environments at Amreli and Descon, impacts of destructive criticism, workplace diversity and also shared valued career tips for undergraduate students.

Our other valued guest was Engr. Tahir Mehmood, currently employed in Germany. He had a very diverse experience at different organizations, like K-electric, Ancosys and PRETTL group and other multiple projects. He gave guidance for fresh electrical graduates on which path they should choose after completion of their bachelor’s degree, talked about growth opportunities at K-electric, and gave his insight on how to respond to different work environments at the workplace.


During this time, we were faced with several challenges and problems:

  1. Reaching and convincing the professionals
  2. Social media management
  3. Topics choice
  4. Medium to use for conducting the session
  5. Time constraint


But as a team, we handled all the challenges as an opportunity to improve our idea and level up our skills and mindset. Following are the solutions that we came up, to address our issues and challenges:

  1. We complemented our communication skills to the best use and used a humble and convincing style to reach them, and not only reached individuals from our circles but also contacted different people from LinkedIn connections.
  2. As there are so many social media platforms available, to initiate our project we needed such platforms that are more popular among our targeted audiences. And as a result, we selected Facebook and YouTube as our initial medium to reach them.
  3. Fresh graduates and university students are faced with several problems and issues when it comes to the corporate world and job market and thus we couldn’t think of any specific topic to come up with. And we decided to ask our guest speakers about their preferences.
  4. The biggest challenge was to select the medium to conduct the session. We thought of going live but we wanted to get exposure to how webinars work, therefore first we conducted sessions with just us group members and the Guest speaker.
  5. We had a time constraint of 2 months for this mega project, accompanied by Covid limitations and our other activities (university, jobs, etc.) taken care of simultaneously. We divided the tasks among group members so that everyone is held responsible for their task, but collaborated so that we all are in sync with each other.


During last week we were faced with some other setbacks which made us change our approach towards the project,

  1. We emailed some professionals to invite them for our guest sessions but we got no reply from them, then we tried messaging them on LinkedIn but only one of them responded. But our team members were determined to make this project successful, so we did some research and got their phone numbers. We reached them through their contact numbers and got them invited to our sessions.
  2. We changed our approach of going live to uploading recorded sessions initially.


Last comes the sustainability of the project. The most important factor for any project to be sustainable is that its stakeholders are consistent in their approach, want to face challenges to rise and take failures as an opportunity to grow and that’s what our team is good at. We are not just aimed at making this project survive but we are also working on its long term goals and objectives, our approach is,

  1. Broadening the spectrum of discussions
  2. Conducting paid webinars to meet marketing and other expenses
  3. Monetizing our YouTube Channel
  4. Uploading podcasts to reach more audiences

It has been a great experience of working on this project, with a supporting and brilliant team of motivated individuals. Even though they had their job, university and personal commitments, they have always been responsive and collaborated the project really well.